Brauer’s Helidon Ski Lake and surrounding land located at 146 Lawlers Road, Helidon Queensland is for sale by Expression of Interest.

The property is zoned industrial.  Activities recommended for this zoning include: Transport Depot; Warehousing; General Light Industry; Indoor and Outdoor Recreation.

The following sale options are available to interested parties:

  1. The entire 29.2 hectares (Refer to ‘Photo 1’ below)
  2. The area shown in blue in ‘Photo 2’ as potential Industrial Subdivision, as one block of approximately 13.5ha
  3. The remaining area in ‘Photo 2’, approximately 15.5ha including the Ski Lake, Cable Lake, modern 4-bedroom home, triple garage and the cabin, caravan and camping area of approximately 1.2ha between the 2 lakes (shown in white).
  4. The house and ski lake with minimal surrounding land included, approximately 12ha.

The property has many advantages. With the completion of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing due in 2018 and the B Double Truck Access to and from the Warrego Highway via Lawlers Road, a major Transport Company or Industry would enjoy modern truck connection to all major cities in Australia.  Also, via Toowoomba’s Second Range Crossing, the property will be within 30-40 minutes’ drive to Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport and the planned Transport Hub.

For more information, please contact Ron and Lyn Brauer.  Email and phone details are available on the Contact Us page.

Photo 1: Property as is

Photo 2: Potential uses/break up

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